Monday, June 25, 2012

Change "Verizon Wireless" Notification Bar Name Manually (Droid X)

Change Notification Bar Name (Verizon Wireless)

You need to be rooted for this to work.

To do this you need several tools. First you need the Ninjamorph app as it makes the process very simple. Download that from the app market.

You also need a hex editor. I recommend:


First pass the checks on Ninjamorph to get it to function.

Then, select

  1. New Project
  2. Browse to /system
  3. Browse to /framework
  4. Select framework-res.apk
  5. It will extract it to your sdcard
Connect the DX to your computer
The extracted file is in /sdcard/AndroidThemes/workspace
The specific file you'll be editing is eri.xml
Full path is /sdcard/AndroidThemes/workspace/res/xml/eri.xml

Put that file onto your computer.

Open the file with Frhed

Browse to line "01b3"

Change the name from "Verizon Wireless" (or whatever it was set to by your theme) to whatever you want.

Be sure you do not use over or under 16 characters!! Fill with spaces if you must.

Put the eri.xml file back onto your sdcard.

Open up Ninjamorph again

  1. Existing Project
  2. framework-resapk
  3. Browse to /res
  4. Browse to /xml
  5. Select eri.xml
It will ask what to replace it with. Select the edited eri.xml file you put onto your sdcard.

Confirm the replace and keep confirming until it stops prompting. Then you need to reboot your phone (it actually should autoreboot, but whatevs).

Video Tutorial (watch in high def):

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