Additional clockwordmod recovery options:
  • reboot system now
    • pretty self explanitory, reboots your system back into the operating system
  • apply
    • not very useful. applies from the root of your sdcard.
  • wipe data/factory reset
    • deletes all user data (apps, etc.)
  • wipe cache partition
    • wipes the cache of your phone
  • install zip from sdcard
    • selecting this and then "choose zip from sdcard" opens up a little browser. select any zip on your sdcard and it will install it. useful for romming, themeing, etc.
  • backup and restore
    • see above post
  • mounts and storage
    • careful in here. you can mount your sdcard which is handy, but don't format anything. I formatted /system once and bricked my DX
  • advanced
    • ignore this one

Also, to boot into clockworkmod recovery if you're bootlooping follow these instructions:

  1. Plug usb into wall charger.
  2. Plug phone into usb w/o the battery in the phone.
  3. If it comes up with a battery with a ? in it, unplug and plug it back in.
  4. If step 3 worked, you should be in Clockwork.

Rom Manager:

This is a handy tool. You can:
  • Name backups before they're created
  • Rename old backups
  • Restore backups
All from one menu! You do need the bootstrapper for this to work, however.

Titanium Backup:

This app backs up all your apps to your sdcard (and more!). This way if you have to .sbf, install a rom, or restore a backup you can reinstall all your apps quite easily.

To backup your apps:
  • Menu key
  • Batch
  • Backup all user apps

To restore your apps:
  • Menu key
  • Batch
  • Restore all apps with data

Uninstalling The Bootstrapper

It's a little tricky to completely remove the bootstrapper; that said, follow these foolproof instructions to never see clockworkmod recovery again:
  1. Uninstall Droid X Bootstrapper
  2. Use a root file system explorer (e.g. Root Explorer) to navigate to /system/bin
  3. Delete the file "logwrapper"
  4. Rename the file "logwrapper.bin" to "logwrapper"
  5. Reboot