Monday, June 25, 2012

Play Torchlight 2 Beta

So I missed the Torchlight 2 Beta (I know, my bad, right?).  Anyway I preordered the game as I was a little disappointed how Diablo 3 turned out and got a free copy of Torchlight 1 as an ordering bonus (pre-order now so you can jump on this deal as well!).  That's all well and good, but I still wanted to give Torchlight 2 a try and also wanted to show my friends the game so I'd have people to play with.  The beta may be closed; however, with a little computer wizardry you can give the beta a shot, realize how slick and smooth the game is, and have no qualms about pre-ordering it yourself!  Instructions below:

First of all, released a cracked version of the beta.  This is what we use to test the game, but there are a few steps you need to go through to get it working and, no offense to those guys, but their instruction set stinks.

The actual torrent file can be obtained here, go ahead and download that.

The file comes in a .rar format so you're going to need some software to unzip it.  I'm a big fan of 7-Zip.  The .rar is password protected, the password is ""

Once it's extracted you'll have a folder containing all the game files; however, the beta officially ended already so it's not going to work.  To avoid this problem we're going to trick the executable into thinking that the system date is something different than it actually is.  There are several different pieces of software that can accomplish this - I used Time Stopper as it was the first one I found and was extremely simple to use.

Open Time Stopper and you'll see this screen:
As you can see it's pretty clean and easy to figure out.

First we need to "Select the Main EXE of the trial version".  Click the "Browse" button and navigate into your extracted folder and select  "Torchlight2.exe".

The next step is to choose the new date the executable thinks is the system time.  The beta was during June 2012, so we set that date to 6/1/2012.  Then we enter an arbitrary name for the desktop icon.  Naming it "Torchlight 2" would be the logical choice, but it is really up to you.  Then simply click "Create desktop short-cut".
Click on your newly created desktop shortcut and the game will load.  Browse around the settings menu and enjoy the UI, then click "New Game" and create your character.  Go all the way through the process until you're given the option to play using "Internet".  If you try to connect you're going to get an error.  This is where Skidrow's crack comes into play.  Inside the Torchlight 2 folder there's a "Surprise.exe" file.  Run it.  You'll see the following dialogue box:
Type "start" and hit enter.  You will then be able to enter an arbitrary username and password and create a game and enjoy the beta!

Quick and Dirty Numbered Instructions:
  1. Download File
  2. Extract File - Password is
  3. Download Time Stopper
  4. Create a Desktop Shortcut for Torchlight2.exe with the date set as 6/1/2012
  5. Open Game Using Shortcut
  6. Run Surprise.exe From Extracted Folder, Type "start" and Hit Enter
  7. Log In Using Any Credentials
  8. Enjoy the Awesome Beta and Pre-Order the Game to Get a Free Torchlight 1 Copy
And a video for you visual learners:

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