Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Install Custom ROMs on Verizon SGSIII

Currently in the Verizon SGSIII world it seems that you need to have a specific recovery to flash certain ROMs.  Luckily, MMMEFF has released a cool little utility that makes this process incredibly easy.  It's called EZ-Recovery for VZW Galaxy S3.  Download it before you go any further (and go ahead and rate it 5 stars too!).

Most ROMs will tell you what recovery you need in nice big bold letters.  To flash the proper recovery simply:
  1. Select which one you want
  2. Click "Flash!"
  3. Click "Reboot Recovery"
Now you have to pick what ROM you want, I decided I want to install AOKP, so these are the specific instructions to do that; however, if you want to install something else, please read their specific instructions carefully.

Installing AOKP:
  1. Download the most recent versions of the AOKP and Google Apps (GApps) from here. (Check the "Downloads" section.
  2. Using the instructions above, flash CWM Touch and then click "Reboot Recovery"
  3. Format the system, data, and cache from Recovery Mode - don't skip this step
  4. Flash AOKP .zip
  5. Flash GApps .zip
  6. Reboot 
  7. The Activation Screen seems to hang, so at the "Welcome" screen you see immediately after the phone powers up simply bypass it by touching the four corners of the screen.  Start in the upper lefthand corner and go clockwise until you hit the bottom lefthand corner.

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